At Green Bites Cafe (GBC), we specialize in Meal Prep for athletes and competitors but many people have found that it works very well for diet and weight loss and the convenience factor is really high. Our meals are individually weighed out and portion controlled so you can be sure you will be able to stay on track using them. Sign up for our Fit-Plan-15 and get your meals for just $78 per week! Or, how would you like 40 meals for $208? Also, GBC is a regular restaurant too, so you can pop in an eat a meal or take a meal or two home with you. You don’t have to purchase a full set!

We give you a great discount for prepaying for one of our meal plans, then we set up a schedule with you as far as when you want to pick them up. Most people pick up 4-5 meals every 2-3 days but you are welcome to do whatever works best for you. Some people pick up 10-15 at a time while others pick up 40 meals or more at once. We don’t use any preservatives so you have to consider that on your end. It’s probably best to pick up what you can use in about 3 days, otherwise you may have to freeze meals to preserve freshness. We are happy to make them fresh for you each time.

It takes about 1 to 2 days to get your food as a new customer working into the queue. Once you’re in the queue, you are going to be able to get your food when you want it when you schedule it. If you fall out of the queue it may take a day or two to get back in. It’s probably best to schedule at least 2 pickups at a time. That way you’re in for good!

We do not ship food because we believe the quality is badly compromised but we do deliver to some locations within the Bay Area. Please see our Zone Delivery chart to see if you are within our delivery area.

Stop in our restaurant to try our food before you order the meal prep. We are happy to make them for you while you wait. Then, order your meal prep and get you meals for as little as $5.20 each.

You might find it interesting to know that our regular prices are already lower than the competition – our 20% discount makes the price INSANE! With that in mind you have to ask yourself “Why do they charge so much!”

Be sure to check us out on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter. Order today to pick up tomorrow. Call or come in to get started.