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Basil Chicken- Heavy on the Basil and a little bit sweet this Ground Chicken meal comes with White Rice and veggies.
Chicken Enchiladas – Our healthier version of a popular favorite – made from Chicken Thighs and our own Enchilada sauce topped with light cheese. Each comes with Cilantro Rice (no greens).
Pulled Chicken – Our slightly sweet Pulled Chicken made using chicken thighs. Each comes with delicious White Coconut Rice and a serving of green veggies.
NOT Spicy Chicken – We don’t make sandwiches any more but this recipe was too good to not use in another meal! These are made using Chicken Thighs. Each comes with Brown Rice and a serving of Green Veggies.
Ethiopian Beef – A super delicious sweet (not spicy) ground beef meal that comes with red potatoes and no greens.
Turkey Meatballs – Comes with brown or white rice and a serving of green veggies.
Turkey Meatloaf – Comes with red potatoes and a serving of green veggies.
Sweet & Sour Chicken – Special Chicken and Peppers & Onions and a delicious Sweet & Sour sauce.
Swedish Meatballs (beef) – Served with Red Potatoes.
Salmon Cakes – On a bed of Spinach with Red Potatoes.
Shrimp Fried Rice – Traditional style with Eggs, Peas & Carrots and a little sauce.
Stuffed Bell Peppers (beef) – with Red Potatoes.


Turkey Meatballs with White Rice

Turkey Meatloaf with Red Potatoes

Pulled Chicken with Coconut Rice

Basil Chicken with White Rice

Spicy Chicken

Chicken Enchiladas with Cilantro Rice

Green Bites Tail Wagger