Yes, everything is completely done. All you need to do it warm them up.

The meals come in microwave-safe, freezable, reusable containers.

No. We do not have the ability to sanitize them so we must use new ones each time. We encourage you to give them to your family and friends. They are very handy to have around the house.

Typically, when you order today you can pick them up tomorrow. It’s usually a good idea to schedule your food pickups 2 at a time so that you don’t get bumped.

No. The meal preps are made kind-of separate from our regular meals. We run them in a production – so we know in advance how many meals we are going to make that day at the discounted price. If you need food today you are always welcome to purchase some meals separately from the meal prep. We will stop what we are doing and run your meals – but you have to pay full price. There are always meals in the Grab-N-Go cooler out front that you can purchase too. Some of them are fitness meals are some are not. They are labeled with the word FITNESS or not.

Our Fitness meals contain no added salt or sugar, no oil, no breadcrumbs or fillers like oats or oatmeal and no soy. They are always weighed out and portioned correctly.

Yes! See our Delivery Zone chart on the Order page to see if you are within our delivery area.

If you want a combination that’s not listed we will be happy to make it for you. The item numbers on our price list are simply examples of the most popular meal sets people purchase. Just tell us what you want and we’ll add it up and deduct 20% from our regular prices. As long as it’s 40 meals you’re golden!


No, you don’t. We are happy to let you pick them up a few at a time. Some people take half now and half later while others take them in sets of 4 or 5. The minimum pickup is 2 and the maximum is what ever remains on your order.

That’s usually not a huge problem. If you would call the store or text or email us we can see where we are on your order and if we can bump it ahead a bit.

It varies due to our work load but usually it’s about 24 hours notice.

Typically, we usually send you a text message reminding you that you have food to pick up. If you forget to pick up you are still responsible for it. We will do our best to preserve it by freezing it if we have the space but our refrigeration space is limited.

If we have the time we usually send text messages to remind you that there’s food to pick up and that we close at 2:00 on Fridays. If you just can’t make it we will freeze your food if we have the space. Freezer space is limited and may only be available for a short time due to our food storage needs.

The $78 price is a cash price and does not include a credit card processing fee when using a credit card. You can get the $78 price by paying with cash in our store. Please note that paying with a debit card is not the same as using cash.

We do. We have a simple and reliable system for keeping track of them.

No. There’s just a 10% discount on 30 meals. If you would like to keep our best price, order the Fit-Plan 40 and just pick up the ones you need first, then schedule the last 10 for pick up at a later date.

Yes, we charge $20 per Fit-Plan 15 or $50 per Fit-Plan 40 that is cancelled and deduct the non-discounted price of the meals already made or received.

Yes. As long as you order at least 15 meals we will discount them with our best discount.

Nothing is predetermined except the price. Everyone can specify exactly what’s in each and every meal.

At this time our best discount is 20% off. Keep in mind our regular prices are already up to 40% lower than others doing the same thing.


We don’t get it either. There is no explanation as to why our $7.50 meal is $11-$13 elsewhere.